We organise successful team-building activities that support their communities and protect the planet.


A force for good 

We develop and deliver activist campaigns that start a movement. We specialise in behavioural campaigns that educate, activate and motivate individuals to mobilise on social and environmental issues. We work with videographers, graphic designers and influencers to deliver multi-media campaigns that speak to diverse audiences. 

Beach clean ups

We work with local partners to organise corporate beach clean ups at a variety of locations around the UAE

Dive against debris

For individuals who are confident divers or snorkellers, we also organise ocean clean ups

Mangrove planting

Spend a day in Abu Dhabi's great mangrove forests and help build a greener future in the UAE

Support children with special needs

Empower children with special needs by providing training and care that helps them to reach their full potential 

Sustainable cooking classes

Learn about the relationship between our diets in the planet and how to adopt more carbon conscious cooking practices

Run for good

Get your daily exercise and do good at the same time! Our run for good events leave you full of endorphins. 

protect people and planet