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Leaf Stem

We partner with businesses ready to commit to being more responsible to develop robust ESG and CSR strategies, as well as to scale and operate in a more sustainable way.


Sustainability strategists

Our impact consulting business works with leading brands and organisations to be the change they want to see in the world. We provide expertise in how to develop meaningful ESG and CSR strategies that drive business growth and accelerate social and environmental impact. Leveraging tools such as materiality assessments, systems thinking and theory of change frameworks, we help businesses to redefine their role in society and reshape their relationship with people and planet.

Vision, mission & values

Define your organisation's sustainability and social impact goals;

Materiality assessment

Conduct a materiality assessment to define the environmental issues that are important to you and your stakeholders

Prioritise and define goals

Design and prioritise nature-based solutions that can restore biodiversity, net zero, support communities;

Impact framework

Develop a holistic impact framework that clearly communicates what you stand for and how you make change happen;


Build partnerships that will help you to accelerate your impact and translate commitments into meaningful action

Internal & external communications

Craft communications that get to the heart of what your brand stands for and that resonate with your audience at a human level;

Learning & development

Deliver energising workshops, trainings and experiences that inspire participants, spark ideas and instil a sense of purpose;


Support the change management needed to make the strategy a reality

greenwash won't wash

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