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We deliver training sessions, courses and workshops that raise sustainability capacity and confidence in individuals and entire organisations.


A green academy

We equip executives, entrepreneurs, students and aspiring sustainability professionals with the skills and knowledge to navigate today’s economic, environmental and social issues. Whether you’re looking to get everyone in your organisation skilled up on the basics of sustainability, or aiming to craft bespoke sessions for your leadership teams, we have a range of modules and learning packages to support your drive towards positive impact.

How we can help:

Our modules cover the basics, the most business critical and the emerging issues across social and environmental sustainability including:

  • Sustainability 101

  • Circular economy

  • Transparency and greenwashing

  • Building an ethical supply chain

  • Diversity and equity

  • Biodiversity and nature

  • Purpose marketing

  • Calculating your carbon footprint

  • Climate change 101

  • Addressing environmental risks

  • Age of the anthropocene

  • Social sustainability

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