White Sands

We conceptualise, curate and execute creative campaigns focused on mobilising individuals and creating powerful movements.


An activist agency

We develop and deliver activist campaigns that start a movement. We specialise in behavioural campaigns that educate, activate and motivate individuals to mobilise on social and environmental issues. We work with videographers, graphic designers and influencers to deliver multi-media campaigns that speak to diverse audiences. 

Campaign Branding

Build an activist brand that increases brand awareness and communicates your position on a topic or issue

Campaign strategy

Define your theory of change, political ambitions, goals, tactics and timeline

Voice and narrative

Use values-based messaging to convey your narrative. Identify the messengers and storytellers who can most effectively move this narrative


Design an advocacy strategy that is strategic, evidence-based and relevant to the local market

Partnerships & coalitions

Build partnerships that will help you to accelerate your impact and translate commitments into meaningful action

Campaign exit strategy

Plan the wind-down of your campaign in a way that communicates its success and achievements

start a movement.